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Hakomi Practice Lab - Fall Season

Refine your Hakomi skills.


What are we offering?

We spend 2 hours practicing full sessions in an intimate group, drawing on our collective wisdom, led by Maru Serrano, to refine new and deeper ways of inviting exploration and healing. This is a space for experienced students in the Hakomi community to deepen their practice. It is designed for individuals who are able to practice a full session, usually someone who is close to certification or someone who is already certified and wishes to refine their work.​ THIS IS A CLOSED EVENT, BUT IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, PLEASE REACH OUT TO US AT BEFORE BOOKING. When do we meet? We meet on most Tuesdays at 4-6pm PST and Fridays at 9-11am PST. Please check the schedule for the exact days when we will hold a Practice Lab. What does it cost? Minimal Rate - For those of you who frequently struggle to meet your basic needs or are facing temporary financial challenges. Basic Rate - For those of you who are able to meet your basic needs and have some discretionary income. Pay It Forward Rate - For those of you who comfortably meet your basic needs and have significant discretionary income. Work-Study Option - We offer alternative arrangements for those of you who prefer to reciprocate through a tailored work project. Please contact us directly for more information at

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