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Sensorimotor Explorations

Discover more ease and power in your body and movements.

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What are we offering?

This online series of classes are tailored for Hakomi students and practitioners: they develop your ability to slow down, allow you to sense more in yourself and others, and better track subtle changes. Led by Maru Serrano, Certified Hakomi Trainer and Feldenkrais Teacher. When do we meet? We will meet on most Tuesdays at 9-10am PST and Fridays at 5-6pm PST. Please check the schedule for exact dates. When you register, you sign up for a season of classes, with the following rates: Minimal Rate - For those of you who frequently struggle to meet your basic needs or are facing temporary financial challenges. Basic Rate - For those of you who are able to meet your basic needs and have some discretionary income. Pay It Forward Rate - For those of you who comfortably meet your basic needs and wish to pay forward so that other participants with less available resources can take part in this event. Work-Study Option - We offer alternative arrangements for those of you who prefer to reciprocate through a tailored work project. Please contact us directly for more information at

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